Endoscopic videos

Endoscopic Necrosectomy after Orthotopic Liver Transplantation

Endoscopic Resection of a Large Sigmoid Polyp Complicated by Delayed Bleeding

Detachable endoscopic loop to aid in pedunculated polyp removal.

Stent Placement for Malignant Large Bowel Obstruction

Chicago Live 2014

ESD Made Easier With a Novel Gel

An Uncommon Cause of Acute Jaundice

ERCP of Giant Santorinicele in Setting of Pancreas Divisum

Endoscopic Detection and Resection of Sessile Serrated Lesions

This patient was referred for removal of 3 cecal lesions detected on screening colonoscopy.

This video highlights the subtlety and multiplicity of serrated lesions in the right colon. Furthermore, they are known to be difficult to resect due to their indistinct borders and flat nature (Pohl H et al, Gastro, 2013). Saline injection with dilute dye can be helpful in the identification of neoplastic borders and facilitate safe resection.

Endoscopic Removal of a Curtain Hook Impacted in the Esophagus

Managing foreign bodies in the GI tract requires understanding what the object looks like and being careful not to injury the intestinal tract. Overtubes are preferable to use but the size of some objects may not allow this.

A 50 year old woman was transferred from an outside hospital with a history of swallowing a curtain hook at her psychiatric facility. Chest x-ray demonstrates two sharp edges, one facing towards the mouth and one on the gastric side. Endoscopic removal is requested with surgical back-up. Patient was discharged the next day after normal esophagram.