Highlights from research in gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Success Rates after Incomplete Colonoscopy


Recent article highlighting our work in burnout in gastroenterologists.

Prophylactic Clipping for Polyps

Risk of Recurrent Gallstone Disease after Pregnancy

What to do after an incomplete colonoscopy?

Our group recently published our evaluation of physicians recommendations after an incomplete colonoscopy. The results are disappointing; we all know that a complete colonoscopy is important in colon cancer prevention but there is a reluctance to recommend further immediate testing after an incomplete exam. Hopefully this will change.

Review our paper at this website.

Who Assesses Competency?

Our center was involved in an interesting study assessing competency in endoscopic ultrasound. There is surprisingly little guidance in how many procedures are needed to achieve competence in this procedure. This pilot study suggests that the number of procedures may vary widely between physicians and likely is significantly more than previously suspected.
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Easy to Start PPIs, Difficult to Stop?

Article published out of Northwestern showing that a significant portion of patients who are shown not to have reflux continue to take proton pump inhibitors.
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