Instructional Cases

Below are videos that illustrate unique cases and techniques in gastrointestinal endoscopy. Feel free to leave a comment with any questions.

An Atypical Cause of Biliary Dilation

While most cases of IPMN involve the pancreas duct, rare cases of biliary IPMN can be encountered.
This patient was a female with neurofibromatosis had asymptomatic LFT changes and marked biliary dilation. In addition to severe choledocholithiasis, a large neoplastic filling defect is seen on cholangioscopy.

Treatment of Immediate Postpolypectomy Bleeding

After removal of a 3.5 cm Paris O-IIa neoplastic lesion using cutting current, brisk immediate bleeding was identified.

Core Biopsy Saves the Day?

A video of early experience with the core biopsy needle obtaining a diagnosis where cytology was unsuccessful.

Enjoy this instructional video on using the Cook Medical Procore biopsy needle for a rectal stricture.

Advancing Endoscopy

In this website, I look forward to sharing videos and research as we continue to advance the field of advanced endoscopy.